Where I Live: Mecay House Interior Design Ideas, with Suzie Mecay | Pottery Barn

In the “Where I Live” home decorating video series, you can watch various discussions and descriptions of beautiful homes and their interior design. In this video of the series, Suzie Mecay talks about her lovely home in Santa Barbara, CA, and the interior decoration themes for the house. Suzie’s says her favorite room in the house is the kitchen since she loves to cook. The home decorating theme for the house starts with white, in a casual and classic style. As part of the interior design theme, they have used a lot of organic accents and outdoor fibers for texture and color. Suzie’s house is near the ocean. Her family spends a lot of time outdoors. So, there are a lot of different seating areas outside the house. Suzie says that the interior decoration of the house makes her want to live in it forever and never move. To explore further, visit our Pottery Barn website: www.potterybarn.com Get great design tips and ideas, at the Pottery Barn website: www.potterybarn.com Explore the Pottery Barn Design services: www.potterybarn.com

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