Where I Live: Interior Design Ideas, with Amanda and Jeffrey Marcus | Pottery Barn

In the “Where I Live” home decorating video series, you can watch various discussions and descriptions of beautiful homes and their interior design. In this video of the series, Amanda and Jeffrey Marcus talk about their lovely home and the interior decoration themes for the house. Amanda and Jeffrey moved into the house as they needed a bigger space. The house has an old-fashioned look with an all-round porch. Amanda’s favorite room is the kitchen since it is large and great for meeting and talking to friends and family. It has views of the outdoors from all sides. Jeffrey says the house was initially like an empty canvas that they filled with their unique interior design themes and colors. The house has interior decoration made up of interesting shapes and forms, and is a little quirky. The home decorating furniture is a mix of mid-century and other eclectic collections. To explore further, visit our Pottery Barn website: www.potterybarn.com Get great design tips and ideas, at the Pottery Barn website: www.potterybarn.com Explore the Pottery Barn Design services: www.potterybarn.com

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