Wall Collage Time Lapse

I’m now selling my handmade silver ampersand necklaces! Check out dftba.com to buy one! Blog post with more photos of the collage: karenkavett.com Deleted scenes from this video: www.youtube.com Recycled craft supply store haul: www.youtube.com Previous home decorating video: www.youtube.com Etsy shop where I bought the washi tape: www.etsy.com PopChartLab, the studio that produced the pie chart poster: popchartlab.com The Typeface Combinations poster: www.etsy.com So You Need a Typeface poster: www.scribbleoneverything.com The music is Too Young by Joseph Birdsong: itunes.apple.com www.amazon.com www.youtube.com Check out my website: karenkavett.com Follow me on Twitter twitter.com Subscribe to my second channel: youtube.com Follow me on Tumblr: karenkavett.tumblr.com Thanks for watching, and DFTBA!

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