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Upcoming Attractions at Robeson Design

The Designers Interior Designer. From her own bedroom, Rebecca Robeson is back on the mends and giving you a Sneak Peek of Upcoming Attractions at Robeson Design. Here’s just some of what you can look forward to. Scotts multiple apartments and use of the same furniture The Family Room remodel with the RED WALL Maybabytumbler’s room tour MrArturoTrejo’s Bedroom remodel Tony & Tiffany’s Bedroom Makeover And last but not least… MAKEOVER MONDAYS! Rebecca announces a new series she has underway where you the viewer can submit photos of your own room . Each Monday, a new video will be uploaded announcing the lucky winner and reveal her design ides and suggestions on how she would transform that room! Stay tuned as the plans to launch MAKEOVER MONDAYS are underway!

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