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Room Tour, Dark Forest theme #24 on Makeover Mondays

Here’s this video’s link: www.youtube.com Share this on your Facebook Page :-) Room Tour Bedroom Makeover. Tour the room of this weeks winner of Makeover Mondays well… with Designer Rebecca Robeson. This week, Rebecca reveals more than one option for 15 year old winner, IvyMunther from Denmark. With a tight squeeze budget Rebecca creates both a room design to fit and a second option for the future. Rebecca uses all of Ivy’s current furniture pieces and re-arranges them to show how Ivy can begin to change her room on her current budget but includes a second layer to show her how a few simple pieces can go a long way to spruce things up. Rebecca uses simple window treatments, Christmas lights, a number of tree branches, along with additional nightstands, to take Ivy’s 2 rooms to a whole new level. Taking Rebeccas advice, Ivy will be able to make significant improvements immediately without spending a dime. Over time, Ivy should be able to add to the design to create the dark forest themed room she’ s always dreamed of! Subscribe to RobesonDesignStudios and never miss an episode of MakeoverMondays! www.youtube.com Subscribe to RobesonDesign… Rebeccas original Design Channel for more sophisticated Interior Design projects from start to finish! www.youtube.com Watch the 2 videos that explain Makeover Mondays and how to enter to win a dream bedroom design of your own. Link to the Introduction to Makeover Mondays: www.youtube.com Link to the “How to Enter” Makeover Mondays

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