Prepare Interior Walls for Painting

What is the best way to prepare my walls before I start painting?

1) If there is any obstacles in your way (pictures, furniture, etc.) it is best to remove these objects from the room to make your job easier. This also lessens your chances of knocking over any potential paint cans lying on the floor.

2) It is important to remove any debris or dust off the walls. We recommend using a dry towel or barely damp towel to remove any dirt or dust that accumulated. If your walls are a satin, matte, or eggshell finish we recommend using a dry towel. If your walls are semi-gloss or gloss, a damp towel will work better.

3) If you are painting a kitchen or a bathroom, we recommend using an anti-microbial solution diluted mildly with water. Anti-microbial solution is the best, however bleach diluted in water is an alternative if anti-microbial solution is not available.

4) Allow the walls to dry, before taping off any objects fixed to the walls (baseboard trim, wall scones) or before taping off the ceiling (crown molding, ceiling fans/light). Sometimes even the best taping jobs still let paint leak through. To combat this, you can put a small amount of silicone on your finger and apply it gently to the edge of the tape. It is best to use a thin rubber/latex glove to apply the silicone, as silicone is extremely sticky. Allow the silicone to dry completely before applying any paint to the walls or area that you were taping off.

5) After all taping is done it is recommended to use a primer to cover any splotches. A good water based primer will hide most imperfections, however if there are deeper stains an oil-based primer will work much better to cover up those blemishes. Allow the primer to dry completely and this can take between a few hours to 1 day depending upon the conditions (hot, dry, cold, moist, etc)

6) After the primer is dry, you will have a clean landscape to work with and can start applying whatever color paint you would like.

7) Depending upon the color you use and how you apply coverage expect to apply between one and three coats of paint, with the typical application being one or two coats of paint. Let the paint dry completely between applications. It is best to let the paint dry naturally on its own.

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