Oil Painting. Part 1 of Many. Selection Of Paints, Brushes, Etc.

Although I am an inactive Certified Bob Ross Instructor (CRI) of Landscape painting, I’ve chosen to delve into the proper science of painting. To be a true Artist you have to understand and develop a knowledge of colour mixing first. This is not an area covered by being a Bob Ross painter. You are replicating a painting & easy technique of Wet-In-Wet rather than applying the true skill of art. Bob Ross painting is fantastic but, I wanted to develop the true concept and knowledge of oil painting. In this video I show a selection of water mixible oil colours and brushes I have bought recently. I’m using the Legacys Learn & Master Painting by Gayle Levee course to teach me the fundamentals. The amount of items here seem a lot but, you can get them gradually. I shall be uploading videos showing how I progress with colour identification and trying to recreate these from the paint mixings. I shall show the mistakes and frustrations too. I’m trying to set out an area in the house with appropriate lighting, heat and isolation. This is the first frustration and difficult consideration. I may choose the Conservatory but, it has light from all directions that is not good and, it gets very cold and expensive to heat continually.

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