My apartment decorated by my Interior Designer mom

Follow me on Facebook! Interior Design at its best and on a budget when my mom, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson comes to town to visit for the Christmas holidays. I guess you could say, I’m a pretty lucky guy to have a mom like mine. Not only is she my best friend, she’s my own personal designer … lol.. who wouldn’t want that … right! Come along as I walk you through another great living environment created in large part by my mom… of course, I had a big hand in it too, … I have learned a lot along the way just by being her son, but I gotta give her credit for teaching me and buying most the stuff I own…. Thanks mom, I love you Scott ADDITIONAL LINKS: IKEA for Scott’s Apartment’s by Interior Designer mom… Bedroom Interior Design for Scotts new Bedroom Scotts channel Interior Designer & Son decorate with IKEA… FUNNY STUFF! Royalty free music by Premium Beats Close your Eyes… by Nationalfred

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