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Manorama TV – Veedu

Interview with Mr. Peter Judson (Judson Associates – www.judsonassociates.net) E hello@judsonassociates.net | M : +91 8606006664 | M: +971-503008458 Peters Judson – artist, designer and architectural visualizer is one of the very few highly talented, famous and successful entrepreneur in India and Middle East. And under the talented and able hands of Peter Judson (CEO) the company has grown with unmatched heights and success. Judson Associates is an unique and outstanding Architecture, Interior Design and Construction company, with its headquarters based at Kochi, India and its has two branch offices at Dubai, UAE and at Fort Cochin, India. Since our founding in 1990 Judson Associates’s interpretations of architecture and interior design have evolved with the changing times, but our philosophy has remained, unchanged to provide the highest quality design and services to every client, with direct personal project involvement by our principals.

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