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Interior Designer & her daughter in Italy, … Getting There!

San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you along on her trip to ITALY!! Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and her daughter Sharrah take off for a vacation of a lifetime. Deciding just 2 weeks before the trip to go to Italy for 10 days, the girls are both excited and blown away by the opportunity to be treated like royalty as they begin this journey staying a 15th century Tuscan Villa in the town of Lucca Italy. Each day, you’ll be entertained as you get a peek at life as only the Rich and Famous know how to live it. Rebecca will even tour the 12 room villa for you showing you some of the worlds most luxurious furniture, fabrics, art rugs and Fresco painting. Theres never a dull moment for this Mother and Daughter traveling pair. Join us each day for the latest in … Adventures in TUSCANY!!!

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