Interior Designer Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Interior Design Bedroom design ideas BEDROOM DECORATING IDEAS as San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson transforms this out of date Bedroom into a 5 star Guest room for her clients sons. Bedroom Makeover A Gentleman’s Guest room. Bedroom decorating. She designs this bedroom with a masculine feel using Ralph Lauren bedding, Grass wall covering, Built-in entertainment center with flat screen TV and treasured family memorabilia. Custom cabinetry was used in the dressing room along with Oil rubbed bronze faucets and fixtures bringing this room up to a 5 star quality Guest Experience. Rebecca makes Decorating look easy but as you will see, attention to detail is the key to taking this out of date bedroom to a whole new level. Interior Designer, Rebecca Robeson of San Diego Interior Design Firm Robeson Design, walks you behind the scenes to show you how. This touching video will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Royalty free music from Premium Beats

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