Interior Design Ideas for the Kitchen: Appliances, Flooring and Countertops ► Nadia’s tips on interior design ideas for the kitchen ○ Do your homework – on you! First things first, start researching. Look through magazines and design books and take photos of kitchens you like, and ask questions of your friends. Keep everything together in a binder so you can refer to it as you go through the process. ○ Visualize your interior design ideas with 3D design software There are so many options that your kitchen project may seem overwhelming at first. This is where a good design program can really help like Homestyler so you can actually see how things will look. Begin by entering your kitchen’s dimensions and cabinets according to your current floor plan. Then you can begin exploring your interior design ideas. See how different kinds of flooring, countertop surfaces, cabinet colors, wall colors and textures from specific manufacturers look. ○ Choosing kitchen appliances Take stock of your daily and occasional kitchen needs. Do you cook a lot of meals or entertain much? Knowing how you will you use your kitchen will help you determine the types and grades of appliances to consider. ○ Selecting fixtures Make sure fixtures look good and function well with the interior design and layout ideas you have. Your kitchen needs to be equally as functional as it is beautiful. Keep the work triangle in mind that goes from the sink to the refrigerator to the stove. ○ Get feedback and ask for ideas Share your kitchen designs with friends and family and

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