Interior Design Guru gets a break on National TV Interior Design … After producing over 120 Interior decorating videos of her own, reaching nearly 5 million video views and 50000 subscribers, Youtube’s most watched Interior Designer, Rebecca Robeson, gets a shot on National Television when NBC invites her to host a segment for LXTV’s “Open House” airing April 29, 2012 @ 7PM. Come behind the scenes for this rare, up-close and personal look at what its like to experience an opportunity of a lifetime. Be sure to set your DVR to LXTV’s “Open House” airing April 29th. Check your local listings for your NBC station. April 29 @ 7pm. NBC (channel 4 if you are in San Diego). The show is called “Open House.” It will also be posted ONLINE in May, after it airs. You can watch for it here: Hi Guys, Rebecca here… can you believe it? How fun is this!! I had such a blast. It was like getting ready for the prom or something. I was excited and nervous but honestly, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt once the cameras were rolling. Making weekly videos for you guys has provided a great training ground for me. I hope you will set your DVR’s to watch the actual segment when it airs the weekend of April 29, 2012. For 3 years now, I have been reading your comments encouraging me to have my own show…. well, this is not my own show, but it’s a step in that direction ;-) Thanks for all the amazing support as my loyal subscribers and friends. I plan to keep making videos for you, no matter where

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