Interior Design Bubble Chair & Wohnprinz

Interior Design ideas as YouTubes most popular Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson meets European Home Decorating guru Wohnprinz in Hollywood after a great shopping day in Malibu. What starts out as a hunt for the EERO AARNIO hanging bubble chair, leads Rebecca and Greyson on a road trip to Malibu to purchase the chair they found on Craig’s List. After a great afternoon of bargain hunting, they head to Hollywood to meet up with Wohnprinz, Youtube’s European equivalent on all things home related. Brought together ba common experience…. A “ShoutOut” by YouTube Legend, Michael Buckley of What the Buck, the two people who inspire the world most when it comes to home decorating finally meet! Watch as these two enjoy design inspirations along the way during their meet up in Old Hollywood California. Subscribe to Wohnprinz: Subscribe to Robeson Design: Subscribe to Michael Buckley:

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