Ideas For a Painting Project

Need Ideas painting your home?

Painting is sometimes a form of illusion. You can make something look like something it is not.

If you have been thinking about renovating your home because you’re tired of the old way it looks like and you don’t have the thousands of dollars to actually modify and renovate your home then the next best thing is to consider a paint renovation instead.

Inspiration painting happens when you see something like for example, a carpet with barcode stripes on it hung on the wall like a painting. This can be very easily painted on with the series of horizontal stripes to mimic the pattern in the carpet.

Stand back and decide the size of the graphic on the wall you choose.

Layout the outside dimensions that you feel most comfortable with considering the positioning and placement of the other furniture that will be placed in front of it.

If you decide to lay out your stripes horizontally it will make the room look wider then I suggest marking them out in an uneven thicknesses to give it a more natural and random look.

If you decide you like to have your stripes going vertically this will give the room an illusion of being taller. And the room will feel a little smaller and tighter.

Color choices for this room will change the mood of the room. If you’re looking to have a soft and smooth and soothing mood in the room you might consider using a mixture of beige colors with greenish and brownish hues in them. Then use some accent stripes with variations from lighter to darker stripes in different thicknesses.These accent strips can be in the lighter washed out dirty blue colors.Only us 1 or 2 stripes to give it the special effect.

To do this kind of small inspiration painting you only need a few quarts of latex paint and a few rolls of painters masking tape to tape off your stripes and a tape measure and a level.

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