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Get more home decor ideas from Home Made Simple at www.homemadesimple.com Take a look at those switch plates around the house. Notice anything? Nope! Decorative switch plates can be expensive and it may be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Try making your own by purchasing round, oval or square, wooden switch plates at your local craft store. There are three ideas on how to make them your own: 1) Use acrylic, craft paint or latex paint to cover and coordinate with your rooms decor. Add embellishments or use stencils to add your own detailing. 2) Use matching fabric to cover the switch plate. Cut your fabric to fit around the corners of the plate, leaving about extra. Trace around the switch and cut out a fitted hole. Use a paint brush to paint a minimal amount of fabric or wood glue to the surface of the switch plate. Take your trimmed fabric and starting from one corner of the plate, smooth the fabric onto the glued surface to reduce bubbling/creasing. Wrap around your edges and trim an access fabric. 3) Another idea is to decoupage the switch plate with magazine cutouts or personal photographs. To do this, simply sand the plate to roughen up the surface and apply decoupage glue over the surface of the plate. Arrange your photos or magazine clippings onto the plate (again, allowing for space around your switch) so that you cover the front and can fold pieces over the edges. Continue adding your decoupage over the photos to ensure they are protected. Let

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