7 Tips for Selecting Exterior Colors


 By CertaPro Painters of North Seattle

Feeling overwhelmed with the color decision process? These tips will help you have confidence that you’re choosing the perfect color scheme for your home.


1. Research the style and era of your home. Selecting a color scheme that compliments the style of your home brings out that charm and character that you fell in love with at the beginning. Observe the colors used on the other houses in your neighborhood. Ask the paint store if they offer paint palettes tailored to the specific style of your home.

2. Find inspiration. Ideas for your project can come from anywhere; your neighbor’s house, a magazine, or a color brochure at the paint store. Browse through pictures online and save your favorites. Whatever brings you inspiration, starting a collection of ideas will help you identify your personal preferences and narrow down your search for the perfect arrangement of colors.


3. Consider the colors of existing details. Chances are you aren’t starting from scratch in regards to your project, and there are elements that will influence your color choices. The roof is often a key component of the appearance of the front of the house, so it’s best to take it into account. The landscaping in your front yard, the stone or brick details, the pavement on the driveway are all aspects to consider.

Lind1 - BeforeLind2 - After

4. Think outside the box. Take advantage of this opportunity to change up the appearance of your home. Beyond the body color and trim color, there are different ways to use color on the exterior of your home. Consider the fascia, gutters, soffits and downspouts. Perhaps all of these details match the body color, or use contrasting colors in certain areas to bring out the character of the home and boost curb appeal. Using a light color on all of the trim, fascia and gutters, for instance, frames the house for a clean look.


5. Don’t be afraid to use an accent color. Ideally, you want to limit yourself to no more than three colors in your exterior scheme; body color, trim color and accent color. Accent colors provide visual interest. The easiest place to draw attention with an accent color is the front door. Bold use of color for the front door gives you the opportunity to show some personality and provide a welcoming feel for the front of your home.

6. Metamerism. This a phenomenon that occurs when colors appear to change in different lighting environments. It is particularly important to keep in mind when you look at exterior color samples indoors. The same color can have a different appearance in natural light. When choosing colors for any area of your home, inside or out, it’s best to observe the colors under the same type of light that it will end up in.  Under the same principle, color can appear altered at different times of the day.


7. Take advantage of tester samples. Considering the principle of metamerism, color can also look different in a larger scale or with different levels of sheen. Paint samples are a very important part of the color decision process, allowing you to view the color as true as possible to the finished result. Instead of applying the paint directly to your house, paint the sample on a large poster board and tack it up against the wall. Observe how the color looks on a large area, and it changes throughout the day. You’re going to come home to that house every day, you might as well make sure you are happy with the result!


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