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With the Elaine Ryan® Home Decorating Kit, you’ll have everything you need to decorate your own home yourself, and you’ll be able to do it on almost any budget! In the kit you will find: Book: Transform Your Home From Nice to Knockout! Find the answers to designing your home so that it reflects your personality! Elaine Ryan® Color Bars Become your own color expert and never make another expensive color-matching mistake! 200+ Peel-Off Furniture Templates The sizes and shapes of all the furniture for every room in your home! Furniture Grid Board Use your furniture templates on your Grid Board that opens like a game board for easily arranging your furniture in your home! You & Your Child: Designing Your Childs Bedroom with Your Child Involve your child when designing their room! Myths, Truths, & Tips: Secrets Interior Designers Do Not Want You to Know Learn interior designer’s tips and tricks! Dry Erasable Pen Draw the walls of your rooms and redraw as many times as you want! We provide you with all the tools to become your own Interior Designer and Color Expert! We’re revealing secrets interior designers do not want you to know! These are the secrets that interior designers hold near and dear to themselves, that makes the interior design industry appear so glamorous and elusive! The Elaine Ryan® Home Decorating Kit gives you all the skills and tools to finally have the home you’ve always wanted, and best of all you will save literally thousands of dollars by doing it

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