Dorm Room Decorating … meet the girls

Link to finished Dorm Room Before the Dorm Room Decorating even began, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson takes you behind the scenes to meet Megan and Sharrah as they begin their final semester in college together as room mates. Hear the comparison of this semesters dorm room compared to past rooms they have shared.. Finally, you’ll see some footage from the reveal that didn’t make the original video. Hear what their friends had to say and get a final glimpse of how the Dorm Room Decorating turned out! Links to videos related to “College DORM ROOM Makeover by Interior Designer” Dorm room on a Budget fail: Sharrahs bedroom home: Interior Design Trade Secrets… behind the magic!! How to make shower curtain: For a more in-depth look at Robeson Design, Link to our Website!

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