Denver Walls are talking- and they are saying great things about Denver's finest Faux and Decorative Painting School IF WALLS COULD TALK. Colorado Native Jozette Martinez helps people to realize their artistic dreams in a funky and fun atmosphere designed to inspire the artist in us all.

(PRWEB) November 22, 2003

Denver is a booming marketplace for Faux and Decorative Painting. Not every school is created equal. Denver houses an increasing number of Faux and Decorative Painting Schools, but only one of these schools can claim that they have paid the dues. IF WALLS COULD TALK Decorative Arts Studio is the brainchild of Faux Finisher and instructor, Jozette Martinez. Her experience in the industry spans well over a decade, and she remembers a time when “faux” was a secret not talked about. “When I came into this industry, no one wanted to help me. Other 'artists' were very secretive about their techniques, and no one wanted to share how they came to a pricing structure.” Throughout her experience, Jozette has made mistakes, as well as many happy customers. “It was a matter of figuring out what works and what doesn't. I became accustomed to 'starting over.'”

Today, Jozette shares her experience with all that contact her. She believes in sharing information about faux and decorative painting, and has even structured her classes around this philosophy. “People need to be able to come to this business armed with the knowledge that will offer them a good wage while producing a superior product. I teach them how to be productive, how to sell themselves, and how to pay attention to detail.” It hasn't all been a cake walk. As buzz words such as “venetian plaster” and “glazing” arise, so do schools claiming to be-the-best emerge. Jozette attests, others come to this industry, expecting it to be easy, not fully knowing that it takes so much more than talent and text book theory to run an effective school. It takes experience; experience that you are willing to share, even if it makes you sound silly. It takes thankless hours on the phone, in the studio, helping students to realize their potential, and comfort their struggles. It takes determination to compete in a market where there is extreme room for growth, and to compete with fly-by-night schools offering dings and whistles instead of traditional craft and historical application.

As an industry, the Faux and Decorative Painting market far outweighs the former market of wallpapering. Manufacturers of new and innovative products are held to a higher standard, and thus, fight for schools that will offer training in their products in a favorable light. Jozette believes in working to take the pretenciousness out of the industry, stating “there are many who claim they have created unique finishes. I say this truthfully, I have never created a unique finish- I copy what is already there, be it in nature, or of someone else's hand, and I break it down. Improving a process, making it more productive to produce, that is my work. It is like singing a great rendition of an Ella Fitzgerald song- it's good because it's different, but it has been changed by the new singer, and the song remains.” Finishes such as Carrera marble, Veneziano, Faux woodgraining, etc. are what Jozette loves to create. “I touch every wall I see, fall down to examine cracks in the pavement. The World is covered with inspiration waiting for me to recreate it, and teach it to others.”

Jozette urges you to visit her website as she delights in sharing her visions with others, and is available for professional as well as individual instruction. IF WALLS COULD TALK Decorative Arts Studio is your training center for expert faux and decorative painting technique, including European textures, crackles, glazes, faux stone and marble, faux woodgrain, murals and trompe l'Oeil, stenciling, metallics and so much more. Please call 303-458-7555 for more information.

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