Columbia (Before & After)

This project started out a scary little dump…an overgrown yard outside and dark tinted windows inside as well as roooms filled with the leftover belongings of the previous owner…but it didn’t stay that way long. We tore into this place in a hurry; clamoring to see its full potential. Because it had so much character, we paid attention to the details and tried to preserve the era wherever we could. Since we preserved rather than modernized the many details built during the early 30′s, this made the project take on its own personality. We don’t often find these old jewels. Original windows were restored rather than removed. Fortunately the electrical panel had been upgraded and newer plumbing fixtures were replaced somewhere during its history. We had an episode with a bee hive in the 70 plus year old chimney that added a new element to this project we never saw coming as well as fun little gophers. As we have mentioned before, paint color selection is so important especially with a period home like this. We chose a light yellow and white exterior color scheme to give it the “little ole yellow grandma’s house” look. We trimmed out the yard with red rows of geraniums and sunny yellow daisy trees. We made sure revamping the existing yard was our first priority because we knew it would add the charm. Doing it before anything else; gave us about 8 weeks to let it mature and re-shape itself…and that’s exactly what it did. The existing yard material was priceless! Flying

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