Choosing Home Interior Paint Colors – How To Choose Room Colors ► Nadia’s tips on how to choose the right interior paint colors for your home ○ Finding the right color and texture – Purchase a fan deck – Consider sight lines from room to room – Have paint company match to your favorite color ○ Fun Ideas – Add contrast by highlighting your baseboards, windows and trims with a darker color – Draw attention to one wall in particular by painting it a different color – Go outside the lines with ceiling paint or horizontal lines ○ Choosing the Perfect Paint – Choose a white that complements your furniture – Try colors with a hint of gray for a more sophisticated look – Experiment on sample boards – Use a semi-gloss finish on your trims for easy clean-up More Tips: You’ll be surprised how a new color can transform a room. Repainting a room is a truly is a fun and inexpensive way to completely change your home. ○ Use a fan deck First, you want to equip yourself like a pro with a fan deck from your local paint store. A fan deck is a book of all the colors available by a certain paint manufacturer. Go around and match a paint color to all the main objects in a room, things like: – Furniture – Window treatments – Cabinets – Accent pieces ○ Next, go back to the paint store and get individual paint chips of each color. These are the main colors of the room, and you’ll use these to find interior wall colors that will complement them. ○ Visualizing your color choices with 3D design software Using online kitchen design software, you can

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