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Things To Do In Our Neighborhood | Ballard

                      1. Golden Gardens. The name is a bit deceiving, but those of us from town know that Golden Gardens is not a garden but one of the best beaches in Seattle. Situated on the Western edge of Ballard, Golden Gardens offers a sandy beach […]


By CertaPro Painters of North Seattle You’re considering painting your house this summer, why not brush up on some painting knowledge? Be ready to ask the right questions and make sure you’re making the best decisions for you and your home. Here is some paint terminology to get you started:   1.  SHEEN  is the […]


7 Tips for Selecting Exterior Colors

   By CertaPro Painters of North Seattle Feeling overwhelmed with the color decision process? These tips will help you have confidence that you’re choosing the perfect color scheme for your home. 1. Research the style and era of your home. Selecting a color scheme that compliments the style of your home brings out that charm […]


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