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7 Tips for Selecting Exterior Colors

   By CertaPro Painters of North Seattle Feeling overwhelmed with the color decision process? These tips will help you have confidence that you’re choosing the perfect color scheme for your home. 1. Research the style and era of your home. Selecting a color scheme that compliments the style of your home brings out that charm […]


Prepare Interior Walls for Painting

What is the best way to prepare my walls before I start painting? 1) If there is any obstacles in your way (pictures, furniture, etc.) it is best to remove these objects from the room to make your job easier. This also lessens your chances of knocking over any potential paint cans lying on the […]


Painting a Room

Painting can be an enormously satisfying job for the result that you will see when you are finished. However, preparation is very important to ensure that there are no messy and hard to remove mistakes. To prepare your room, remove everything, including curtains and blinds. If this is not possible push all furniture to the […]


Art of Painting Interior Walls

Painting the interior of your house can be an overwhelming experience. But if it you are a novice and willing to learn, then it is advisable to run through a few tips on choosing the colour shades, faux pas painting, panel painting techniques and decorative art. Compared to the other dcor invested, painting is the […]


Techniques on Painting and Painting Tips

The following techniques on painting should help you to create beautiful artwork. I suggest that you practice on something other than your final painting. A pad of canvas paper works great for practice space. Yes, you will make mistakes and paintings that you simply aren’t happy with. The goal of this article is to give […]


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