Boston Artist Forms Realist Art Studio School and Presents First Annual Selected Figure Drawing Exhibition:

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 9, 2004

A Boston artist has formed a visual art school, the New England Realist Art Center, that offers a very unique hands-on approach designed to impart all the best studio practices of past masters. Students come from all over Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire, West Virginia, Ohio, Canada, and Germany to learn traditional principles of realist art in a friendly yet serious environment. In addition, the New England Realist Art Center wants to encourage artists who draw in a realist tradition and has opened their website to the First Annual Selected Figure Drawing Exhibition. This past spring, over 300 entries from artists around the world who work in a representational style were considered for the unique online exhibition. The selected works are now available for viewing on the internet at

Founded in the fall of 2003, the school has attracted a very dedicated student following and is quickly becoming the premier figure arts center in New England. The format of the classes follows a traditional approach, where students apprentice under a master-artist and study important principles of light and structure from the figure model. In previous centuries, being proficient at figure drawing was a prerequisite to studying painting. It remains true today that a strong education in figure drawing provides the best foundation for representational painting, said Mr. Cheaney, the art centers founder and director. I have been very fortunate to study with some of todays greatest realist artist in an apprentice-like situation. I want to do my part to ensure that traditional principles of drawing and painting from life are passed on to future generations.

What keeps the students coming back week after week is the unflagging dedication to traditional art that Dennis Cheaney brings to each class and the consideration he extends to each student. What becomes clear when you take your first drawing or painting class is that Dennis is a thoughtful and determined teacher. He has an uncanny ability to quickly identify what each individual student needs to work on, and then both explains and, when needed, demonstrates how to do it, said Jim Stewart a former bio-statistician and a current student of drawing and painting. He works hard to help his students progress and, most importantly for me, he actively teaches. Dennis practices and teaches a proven approach to realistic drawing and painting which produces results.

The New England Realist Art Centers proven approach is centered on assisting students to break free from pre-conceptions and to effectively use their eyes. In my class, the subject is nature and the visual field. Painting unlike vision, which is immediate and instantaneous, is created one brush stroke at a time. Students need to be shown what they are seeing and how to translate that into paint. We are not trying to replicate the look of a photograph but rather depict what the eye sees. For this reason, a figure model is always present in class.

Mr. Cheaney created the First Annual Selected Figure Drawing Exhibition after he saw how galleries and exhibition spaces often overlooked the hard work of figure draftsmen and draftswomen. There are so many artists who strive to become adept at figure drawing only to have their efforts disregarded by public venues, said Mr. Cheaney. The end result is that everyone loses and peoples exposure to figure drawing is greatly limited. It is a vital art form, however, it continues to thrive without an audience. With the online exhibition I wanted to change that by providing a place to view figure drawings. Mr. Cheaney is looking for suitable exhibition space for the Second Annual Figure Drawing Exhibition.

The call for submissions for the First Annual Selected Figure Drawing Exhibition attracted artists from around the world offering them a chance to have their drawings assessed by master-artist and exhibition consultant, Ted Seth Jacobs, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest living draftsmen. Ted, my mentor, was gracious enough to volunteer his time. As soon as I thought of offering a figure drawing exhibition it was quite natural to have Ted involved, said Mr. Cheaney. He has spent a lifetime practicing art and cultivating his sensitivity. Both my school and the exhibition is my way of honoring Ted and what he taught me. Mr. Jacobs, who resides in France, is a highly sought after portrait artist and art teacher. As guest of honor to the exhibition, a few of Mr. Jacobs exquisite drawings are presented side by side with the selected entries.

Very early on the New England Realist Art Center garnered praise and was added to the approved list of traditional art schools compiled by The Art Renewal Center, a New Jersey based non-profit educational organization committed to reviving standards of craftsmanship and excellence. This last year the response to the New England Realist Art Center has been overwhelming. I am considering adding more classes but as sole instructor I need to be sure that I have enough time to create my own paintings. No matter what I do, I will continue to remain steadfast to the principles of traditional visual art. Recently, Mr. Cheaney was awarded second place for his still life in the international First Annual ARC Salon Competition held by the Art Renewal Center. Mr. Cheaney is represented by the Brigham Galleries in Nantucket. His work may be viewed online at

New England Realist Art Center and Dennis Cheaney will be participating in this years 25th Annual Fort Point Channel Open Studios held October 15 17. New England Realist Art Center is located in Boston at 354 Congress St, 5th Floor. For more information, please visit the schools website

New England Realist Art Center offers a unique hands-on approach to figure drawing and painting from life. These studio classes emphasize the best practices of past masters. Stressing important traditional principles of light and structure, students from around the globe come to Boston to study with founder and director, Dennis Cheaney. In support of figure drawing, New England Realist Art Center and the world-renowned portrait artist and instructor Ted Seth Jacobs present the First Annual Selected Figure Drawing Exhibition. Selected drawings available for viewing online:

Photos and interviews available


Dennis Cheaney

Founder, Director and Principal Instructor

New England Realist Art Center

354 Congress St, 5th Floor

Boston, MA 02110

phone: 617-304-2635



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