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9 Closet Makeover Tricks — The Nest

For more home organization tips go to ideas.thenest.com Merging closets with your partner is no easy task! Watch as TheNest.com offers tips for revamping and reorganizing your closet so it’s a perfect fit for both him and her. First, start by separating your clothes so they don’t turn into a unisex mess. Next, fill your floor space with more than just shoes by adding baskets to hold everyday items (these make great clutter busters). Use pretty boxes in overhead space to store out-of-season items and label them “him”, “hers” and “ours” so you know what each container holds. Too many pairs of shoes? Transparent shoe drawers or a shoe wheel are both prefect options for organizing your footwear. Lastly, if you have extra wall space in your closet, put hangers up that can hold purses so they are easily accessible but out of the way. Combine all these helpful tips and you will be on your way to a stylish but organized closet! For more decor tips and tricks from TheNest.com visit ideas.thenest.com For home decorating ideas, free recipes, relationship advice and more go to www.TheNest.com

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